Korg 01W/FD Project Machine

“Have not extensively tested this unit, but it would appear to function in all major respects. However, item has certain issues so is being sold as a ‘for parts or not working’/’spares or repairs’ unit with no possibility of return even if issues are discovered in addition to those described in this listing. Cannot guarantee that there are not additional issues as yet undiscovered.

– Outer casing has sustained some damage during transit – see photos (have retained the two small broken-off pieces of plastic, which could be glued back into place (see final photo)).
– Disk drive is slightly out of alignment with casing (sustained at time casing was damaged during transit) and would appear not to be working (have no discs to test, but drive activity LED does not light up. For the purposes of this listing, drive is non-functional).
– Main display (LCD) backlight is dead (display itself is fully functional, though not so easy to read without a backlight).
– When playing (factory) programs, there can occasionally be a delay of a few seconds (no sound as one plays the keyboard) when selecting another program as the unit ‘loads up’, as it were, the next program (not sure if this normal behaviour, or not?).
– Red LED within ‘Bank’ button appears not to function (but button itself works fine and switches between A/B banks as expected).
– One white key on keyboard has a surface scratch (not very noticeable), but is otherwise perfect.
– Long hairline surface scratch directly underneath mod/pitch bend lever.
– Underside of unit has a few scuff marks/minor scratches.” Click here to visit listing on eBay