ARP Odyssey

“ARP Odyssey MkIII (vintage) in OK condition: some scuffs at the edges (see pics) but the face plate is very nice. Recently serviced:

– All faders opened and cleaned, re-lubricated. Feels and work very well.

– New keyboard bushings.

– New parts in the PSU.

– Sub-Osc mod, the “VCA Gain” fader now controls the volume of a sub-oscillator (copied from a SH101).

– AR fast/slow mod to make the AR-envelope faster.

– Free run mod: choose if the LFO shall re-trigger on every new note or if it should run free.

– Timothy Smith Filter mod, which makes the filter open up more

All mods are non destructive and easily reversible. The switches on the back are fitted in the jack holes with the jacks still present inside. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay