ARP Odyssey

“This vintage ARP Odyssey has just been fully serviced by Synthchaser, the west coast’s leading ARP specialist – recapped, new ICs, new key bushings, all new LED sliders, all new slide switches, fully functional, tuned and calibrated, and sounding awesome! The Odyssey was ARP’s answer to the Minimoog, a feature packed scaled down version of the legendary ARP 2600. This late model ARP Odyssey is equipped with the 4075 filter, a tasty 4 pole LPF found in all late model ARP synths.

The synth is in great condition, and was acquired from the original owner who bought it in 1980 and put it away in 1981. It comes with a wooden road case, and the foam is still good! There are touches of rust along the edges of the synthesizer (see photos), but they are not distracting from the overall awesomeness of this synth. This synth comes with Orange illuminated LED sliders to complement the Orange & Black color scheme of this late model ARP. I am willing to disable the illumination for the buyer before shipping, upon request. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay