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ensoniq-mirage “Zum Verkauf steht ein Ensoniq Mirage (8-Bit) Keyboard Sampler.

Ich dünne meine Sammlung weiter aus, da ich nicht dazu komme, mich angemessen mit den Geräten zu Beschäftigen

Das Gerät funktioniert technisch ohne Probleme.

Optisch kleinere Kratzer.” Link

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dsk “Up for sale is a Nice Ensoniq Mirage DSK Keyboard with Manuals and 31 disks.
This comes as shown some scratches and dings ,nothing major, This has been tested and all functions are in good working order So please check out pictures for condition and just in case I missed something in the description.” Link

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dsk “Latest issue mirage with the stereo outs. Have a box of floppies and a case to ship it in. Works great, it’s a low hour keyboard. I bought last year from the original owner – home use only. ” Link

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mirage “Description: . comes as seen. please see all pictures. model MIrage DSK-8. comes as seen. does NOT includes power cord.

Condition: I do not have the disk to check. it power on as seen. “nd” flashes in the LED screen, I believe it means No Disk. the drive red light also flashes. has some wear and scratches. some keys are wobbly. this keyboard will be sold AS-IS for parts – No returns” Link

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mirage “Up for auction is a Ensoniq Digital Sampling Keyboard Mirage DSK 61 Key with Disk and Midi. This keyboard is in great condition and all the keys work as they should. It comes with one disk and that’s it. ” Link

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dsk-8“Up for auction is an Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 that is in excellent operating condition and cosmetic shape for a 30 year-old-keyboard. Sorry no disks included, I cannot find them, While these first-gen samplers may first appear to have limited sampling specs compared to today’s standards, the Mirage is actually a high-quality instrument with a sound still revered by many for its analog components, namely a true analog VCF with low-pass filtering and keyboard tracking, five-stage envelopes for the VCA and VCF, and an LFO, along with a velocity-sensitive keyboard. ” Link

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mirage“Here is a gem from back in the day. I ran if for a couple hours today and it performed beautifully. Wonderful cosmetic shape as well – see pics. Comes with 37 floppy disks of sampled sounds, power cord, and original manuals.” Link

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mirage dms8 “DESCRIPTION: Amazing condition!! Has original box, original manuals, cords, everything!! PLUS, it comes LOADED with sample disks with everything from Oberheim Strings to DX-7 Rhodes. This is the unbelievable 8-bit sound of the Mirage you know and love. Sample your own sounds and get that bit-reduced sound you’ve been looking for. This unit has been tested and does work, though this is an AS-IS item. It is vintage and I cannot guarantee the item. Good luck and happy bidding!” Link

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mirage “Includes system disk.” Link

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mirage dsk“You are bidding on a Very Good Condition used Vintage Ensoniq Mirage DSK Sampling Synthesizer Keyboard. This 1980′s Keyboard Synthesizer legend set a standard for anyone to get into sampling without spending thousands of dollars. I am the original owner and it was gently played and seldomly used. I have tested it for power and it turns on successfully. I do not have the operating discs needed to make it play sound. I will leave that up to you. This listing includes the synthesizer and the original manual. No power cord or operating discs are included. ” Link

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mirage dsk“Working Ensoniq Mirage 8-bit sampler. You can look up the specs on Vintage Synth Explorer. Comes with over 40 floppy discs. Some discs are new and blank. Some discs have Factory samples and some discs have original samples. It is working and in pretty descent shape for its age. I do not have the manual. It comes with the original operating disc also. ” Link

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ensoniq mirage” Up for sale is one very rare Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8 sampling keyboard. this is the original Mirage. in great condition for its age, and full working order. Will come with HXC floppy disk drive emulator plus various disks. Manual i’m sure can be found somewhere online. ” Link

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MIRAGE “A cool 1980′s era Ensoniq Mirage. I am selling this one as a project but it does work. I tested the drive and it plays discs. There are no discs included. All of the notes except for 2 that are softer sounding keys and probably need a cleaning as this one has been sitting for a LONG time.

There are a few missing screws on the unit that will need to be replaced, I have no idea why they were taken out. There is tape residue and marks and scratches, please keep in mind I am selling this as a project that works. My testing is pretty primitive..and I didn’t test the recording or other features. The buttons on the control panel work. The display is bright and passes clear audio through an amp.

It comes with a power cord but NO discs and again being sold as a working project that will need some screws a cleaning and possibly something that I haven’t noticed, but as described above.

This keyboard is being sold as is and as you see it in the photos. It is used, and will carry a no return policy. ” Link

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” Tested and fully functional
Decent shape with a few blems given the age, as show in photos
The previous owner sent it to a tech company to have the “Quasi-Stereo Outputs” mod installed. The standard mono in/out jacks still are connected and fully functional but has those extra outs for a quasi-stereo signal.
There is a slight amount of rust on the top of the unit but is fairly minimal. The majority of the wear appears to be from some tape that was on the top of the face at some point so there’s some leftover adhesive residue that I’m sure could be cleaned off.
Has a bunch of sample discs. Some Ensoniq brand some done by the previous owner.” Link

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” This is the rack mount version of the Mirage DSK-8, or the DSK-1, depending on who you ask. The DMS-1′s are harder to find but come complete with all the special goodies in the sample library that nostalgists have come to know and love. We bought this brand new back in ’87 and its never been outside of our smoke-free studio.” Link

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“Another offering from Restoration Ampersand

A nice and working ensoniq Mirage-DSK Digital Sampling Keyboard

This Keyboard comes with all that you see also included but not pictured is the power cord that will be supplied

This Keyboard is in nice condition please see photos for condition there is some tape residue and scuffs from normal use

As some of you may know that I have made a large acquirement of pro audio equipment recently from one of our local music halls/theater

I am still going through it this my latest round of equipment that I’m revealing.” Link

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“Not tested. One key is sticking up. A little dirty. No disks included. No power cord (regular computer power cord will work). This thing may work!” Link

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“Purchased new and used in a non smoking home only. It has not been used on stage or in a studio. This is the Mirage DSK-1 and was the last version of the Mirage produced by Ensoniq. It features a lighter enclosure, relocated disk drive and Stereo outputs. It comes with many disks and both manuals. The disks are labeled as such: 1. pianos, low voices ahh, high voices ahh, low strings bowed, high strings bowed. 2. upright bass/sax, trombones, rock drums, sax, trumpet. 3. wave samples. 4. mug zoo collection (1,2,3,4,5 & 6). 5. keyboards (1,2,&3). 6. brass fall off, brass gliss, drum/synth bass, brass, solo rock guitar, marimba/elec piano, organ/clav. 7. boot disk. There is also a full box of un-used disks and the original power chord. This keyboard is a part of digital history and again its condition is as good as it gets. ” Link

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” Up for sale are TWO items, a keyboard, and a heavy duty SKB case. The keyboard is Ensoniq Mirage DSK-8, in great working condition, with boot-up, and two sound disks included (see pictures). It boots in only a few seconds, from the OS disk, without fail. The case is an extra long SKB, locking, single handle, case, without wheels. It is 54″ long, 19″ wide, and 7 1/2″ tall. The case has some surface scuffs, but is in good shape, and the latches and handle are in good condition. Sorry, I don’t have the key for the latches. The buyer will have 14 days to check everything out. This keyboard is extra heavy, with a steel frame, so I need to sell these together, as I doubt a cardboard box could protect the keyboard enough during shipping. if you need the manual, I can email the pdf, or you can find it online for free. Thanks for looking!” Link

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“Hello and welcome, for sale today is a used Ensoniq Mirage sampler/synthesizer workstation from 1984. I am the 3rd owner, having purchased this in an equipment bundle this past weekend. The 2nd owner never used it and kept it in storage. The first owner used it in his home studio.

This Mirage has issues and needs tender loving care to restore it back to its former glory. There are 3 original diskettes. The drive, which is a sought-after item at around $50, works. The keyboard plays the samples, and the sequencer works, however, the low D key produces no sound. The top surface of the keyboard control panel is blemished as shown in the photos. I tried to clean off what looks like residue on the factory finish, but the white streaks don’t come off. I suspect the actual paint is damaged. Also on the top right side, one of the machine screws does not fasten down, although I do have the screw and will include it for you along with a new power cord I just ordered. The underside is scratched. ” Link

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“I am selling this synth for the widow of a musician friend. It is the rack mount version and has no keyboard. He took care of his gear so I am assuming that it is in good working condition. I don’t have a way to test it.” Link

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“Ensoniq Mirage w/ Dample Disks. Works great.” Link

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“This is the original Mirage keyboard. The drive does not boot up, so it needs repair or replacement. All the manuals are included.Also included are 29 sound discs.(two of these have the operating system from 1985 & 1986.) There is also a sampling filter for sampling the sounds. The far right key(high C) is loose and might need a spring.It will ship in the original box.” Link

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“I was told item works perfectly, I do not have the disks to test it. So sold as is. Cosmetic condition is very good.” Link

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“You are bidding on a Ensoniq Keyboard Synthesizer for parts or repair. I tested the unit it powers on but the light in the display flashes. It also read nd. When you plug in the flloppy it reads the disc. I was told by a friend of mine that knows about these that you need a programming disk to get sound. Also the disc drive works and has a disc with beats on it. My preliminary test no sound or functions. ” Link

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“What a find ! ! ! It’s the real thing and it’s rare to find them in this condition. This Mirage happened to be purchased new by someone who simply wanted to learn to play. He paid top dollar for it new years ago and it never left his den. It has not been abused on stage or in a studio. No beer spilled inside and no smoke damage. Rare indeed. What you see in the pics is what you will get. Its an Ensoniq Mirage with many disks AND both manuals. The disks are labeled as such: 1. pianos, low voices ahh, high voices ahh, low strings bowed, high strings bowed. 2. upright bass/sax, trombones, rock drums, sax, trumpet. 3. wave samples. 4. mug zoo collection (1,2,3,4,5 & 6). 5. keyboards (1,2,&3). 6. brass fall off, brass gliss, drum/synth bass, brass, solo rock guitar, marimba/elec piano, organ/clav. 7. boot disk. There is also a full box of un-used disks and the original HEAVY DUTY power chord.” Link

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“Synth is in used condition. I powered it up and the screen read ND. Nothing else happened. There is dirt and dust. Scratches and scuffs. All knobs and parts appear to be intact. ” Link

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“This listing is for 1 x ENSONIQ MIRAGE 8-bit Digital Sampling (ser#21181)
Included will be dozens of factory and aftermarket disks.
The unit functions as it should and is in excellent condition (please see images). There are hardly any marks on it and nothing that affects playability.” Link

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“You are bidding on a vintage Ensoniq Mirage. Keyboard comes with software (operating system formating etc.)pictures are part of the description they show what comes with keyboard and that it powered up with o/s disk in. This is old school metal case and is in pretty good shape, Happy bidding!! (shipping to lower 48 states only)” Link

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“Works great. Includes 16 disks.

This model has the improved Fatar keybed.

Has some dings and scratches…nothing major or affects performance.

It’s from 1986 and has ANALOG FILTERS!” Link

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“Item has been part of a rack mount and has a few marks under the chassis where the A frame rack has caused a few scratches over the years. The rest of the mirage is in same condition as was bought originally. Although working, requires a new floppy drive ( as you would expect ).” eBay Link

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“The ‘A’ key above middle ‘C’ sometimes sounds and sometimes doesn’t, so this will need some attention – probably best not to bid unless you know how to fix it or how much it would cost to have it repaired.The paint finish on the underside is quite scratched, but other than that it’s in pretty good condition.” Link

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“Up for sale is my Mirage DSK 1 Sampler Keyboard. It makes an excellent velocity sensitive midi controller, and it also works well for lofi and grunge sampling. You will also get two sound disks…” Link

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“This keyboard powers on, but when it does, the screen reads “ND”. This means that it needs the start -up disk that it came with to run. This auction is for the keyboard only. The disk is not included, but can be easily found for sale online. The screws on the top of the keyboard are also missing. Overall, it would not take much to have this keyboard up and running. It is being sold as is.” Link

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“Ensoniq Mirage Vintage FM Synth with Disks, Manuals etc Good condition and full working order.” Link