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Yamaha TX816

“I bought this unit new in about 1985. Since then, it has been almost entirely in my smoke-free home studio. Only occasionally was it used onstage, and has always been in its flight case. I used it to do quite a few demos and 3 children’s CDs. It is in beautiful condition. The only thing wrong with it is that the tiny plastic(?) ring (grommet?) that encircles the power button is missing. I have no idea when or how that disappeared, but it does not affect the performance in any way. The 8 space flight case is included. It looks sharp and is in excellent condition.

I set up these modules so that they each generally pertain to a certain kind of sound, though some modules are more varied. For instance:
Module 1 is all bass sounds, including a great Tuba sound
Module 2 is mostly pianos and clavs.
Module 3 is mostly electric pianos and bells.
Module 4 is organs and synthy organs, which a timpani thrown in for fun.
Module 5 is mostly strings, with some percussion.
Module 6 is mostly brass and some great pads
Module 7 includes woodwinds, harmonicas, vibes, and more percussion.
Module 8 includes guitars and an assorted mix of more interesting sounds.

I very selectively searched through hundreds of sounds to choose the ones I have here. I was looking for the most musically useable. I tended to stay away from very reverberant sounds, because I figured that reverb can always be added to any sound, and obviously it can be more specifically applied in that way.

Included in the sale are the rare TX816 Operating Guide, a bunch of vintage literature, and a print-out of the names of the sounds in every module, which will help you to see how they’re organized. Each column represents a different module: 1 thru 8 – a treasure chest of great sounds. Lastly, as you will see in the photos, the winner will also receive paper copies of hundreds of more charted out DX7 sounds.

Before shipping, I will sheath the flight case with cardboard, for extra cosmetic protection.” Click here to visit listing on eBay