Yamaha TX816

” The Yamaha TX816 Synth Module. 8 DX7s in a single chasis. Fully programmable. 16 voices per module. Great shape cosmetically, all buttons present and working properly. Was the best synth module in the game at one time. Is still a monster synth. All the great FM sounds, great e.pianos, strings and synth sounds. Rarely do you see a full racks these days. Have had this since the 80s, it’s time to replace the internal batteries, do that and you got one of of the best synthesizers ever made, is about a $300. dollar job. Hasn’t been used in the past few years, no longer have equipment to verify it’s functions so sold ‘as is’. Worked perfectly when last used but I know the internal batteries do need to be replaced, other than that; perfect. No reserve, thanks for looking”
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