Yamaha TX216 with 4 Yamaha TF1 Modules

“Used Yamaha TX416 (4x TF1/DX7 Modules) Vintage FM Synth. This is basically 4 DX7 modules in one unit. Each TF1 module has an XLR output and in my opinion has a much cleaner and denser sound than a DX7 1/4″ non-balanced output. All of the electronic components (audio/MIDI) work great.

All of the TF1 modules work as expected. The original batteries on the TF1 modules are soldered directly onto the circuit board and are a pain to replace, so I’ve soldered some handy battery holders onto each of the four modules (see last pic) for much easier battery replacement (batteries are used to store the current patch selection so when you boot the TX416 up it retains memory of selected patches).

I got this thing used several years ago in its exact condition, as you can see the case has quite a bit of wear on it, including light scratches and marks, and there are some missing screws on one side of the case but it is not loose in any way, the current amount of screws keeps it snug. The pull out menu/guide is also quite worn out but all the instructions are legible.” Click here to visit listing on eBay