Yamaha TX216

“This Yamaha TX216 has been fully restored by Synhouse, including 2 new lithium batteries in 2 new battery sockets for easier replacement (and because soldered-in batteries are 100x more known to leak, don’t know why), and it has the Synhouse/Synclav com TX216/TX816 power supply upgrade, in fact it is the very first in the world to have this, and has been worked on day and night here for 16 days to finish off this power supply upgrade kit and installation.

Synhouse has engineered (2016-2019) a massive power supply upgrade that puts a Synclavier power supply into the Yamaha TX816. It’s a little more than that, it’s actually a custom +5v digital power supply and +/-15v Synclavier analog power supply that goes into the TX816 with upgraded wiring, improved grounding, and additionally gets rid of that ridiculous donkey tail AC power cord (only 2-prong, it isn’t even grounded), putting a normal, properly grounded, IEC AC inlet on the back so that it can use a standard computer power cord. ”
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