Yamaha TX-816

Excellent condition Yamaha TX-816 rack mount module for its age. Well kept & maintained with a NEW (not a used replacement) power supply installed. (Note that original power supplys for these units tend to fail & start to “hum” over time which affects the overall sound quality). The new supply will last many years to eliminate the possibility of this known problem.

Also included is a brand new 3-meter Hosa STX-803F 8-channel XLR Female to 1/4 inch TRS Male Balanced Snake to connect all 8 modules.

Internal battery back-up all range between 3.2-3.3 volts, so no battery change needed anytime soon.

Also included in this sale which I’m throwing in, is a Yamaha MV-802 mixer in good condition that can be used to connect the TX-816 to better control the mixing of the modules. It will be shipped in a separate box since the TX-816 is so heavy (no extra cost to the buyer). If you do not want/need this rack mount mixer, the price of just the TX-816 reduces by $100. Let me know in advance if this is the case & I can modify this listing for you to remove the MV-802. I have a few more pics on this if needed.

I also have a CD that has manuals, sysex software to load new sounds, and a lot of DX/TX sound patches that can be sent to load into the modules.

This module is built like a tank…they don’t make them like this anymore! It’s a heavy rack mount unit pushing 27-lbs just for the TX-816.” Click here to visit listing on eBay