Yamaha TG55

“YAMAHA TG-55 Vintage Sound Module. Exc overall shape. No data cards. I’ve owned several yamaha synth modules over the years. They all or most all had the most excellent sounds. This is no different in that way. It is a little different than my tx81z. I won’t get some DX7 sounds that it will, but will get some different tones that are a branch away from the DX7 sounds. Anyways, I had one of these for years. It got stolen mid 2019. I ran across one I was able to pick up. I had never written down serial, so this honestly might be the same one. You don’t see them around a lot. Too much info, right? So, I’m not really using this, and thinning things out, so offering it up. I have recently played this using my Roland JX-1 as a controller, and it is sounding and receiving signals as should. Great tones here. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay