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Yamaha TG55

“Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator rackmount multitimbral synthesiser synth circa 1992 with manual and voice card

Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator synthesiser synth (1992) plus manual and voice expansion card

Multitimbral sample based synth all working properly as far as I can test
Voice layering for rich and complex audio
Stereo and individual output routing for individual voices
240V permanently attached mains flex with UK 3-pin plug.

I used it in the mid 90s to extend my sonic palette and develop my MIDI programming skills.
Unsurprisingly, the available sounds are classic early 90s fare, and as you’d expect from Yamaha, the sound quality is excellent.
I’ve owned it since 1994(ish) and it’s been well used so it shows wear typical for an older instrument. Condition can be seen in photos
The original mains flex was far too short so it was extended to 2m long.
The lot also includes the original user manual and one voice expansion card.” Click here to visit listing on eBay