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Yamaha TG33

“This synthesizer is in perfect working order, and is in good physical condition, as well (for a plastic synthesizer from the 90’s at least)! There are a few small scuffs in the finish near the vector joystick on the front (picture #4) and the rubber feet seem to have been melted off or peeled off intentionally by a previous owner, so I have replaced them with adhesive feet, which work great and can’t be seen unless you flip it over. It is loaded with the two banks of factory patches, and all the buttons and controls work smoothly, with no bad buttons or dead LEDs. The MIDI inputs and outputs work correctly, and it sounds great, just not something that fits into my personal workflow. Great 90’s ROMpler sounds with the added bonus of a built-in FM engine to create some of those classic Yamaha ” Click here to visit listing on eBay