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Yamaha Tenori On

“Box, power adapter, MIDI cable, and media card are all included, but I lost the user manual years ago. The manual is easily found online, and there is no programming difference between TNR-O (this model) and the TNR-W (with the LED panel on the back). I upgraded the software to the most recent firmware, and these are out of production.
The Tenori-On is an intuitive sequencer with some decent sound sets, and includes MIDI implementation for sequencing other synthesizers. Most sounds are modifiable (to some degree) which makes it more/ less chiptune.

The real fun part is the sequencing modes and layers, which can yield interesting polyrhythms.

If you think of each layer as a “pattern” on a typical sequencer, you can switch between programmed layers to create a “song”.” Click here to visit listing on eBay