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Yamaha SY85

“Up for sale is this Classic Yamaha SY85 synth.

These are fantastic synthesisers and was ground breaking for its time.

This has been a very tough decision to decide to part with this unit (and I may end up changing my mind), but the truth is, I have some new projects on the horizon and this is unlikely to get the attention it deserves so I need to move it on.

If you are reading this then you will almost certainly know about this unit and how good it is. Loads of articles online about it’s function and features so these won’t be repeated here. Has 2 extra RAM SIMMS installed ready for loading samples into (will try to get a photo shortly). Lots of support for this online and undoubtedly software available to use with/alongside it.

The aging floppy drive has been replaced with a modern USB solution, so you can download various songs, instruments, samples etc and load them without worrying about the floppy drive wearing out. It even has a screen on it so you can scroll through to select the right ‘disc’/sample to load. This makes searching for and trialling new sounds so much easier as you can download them onto any usb stick and go straight from there. Please note however, that no usb is supplied but these are available pretty much anywhere. If you want to have the old (probably non-functioning) floppy drive for this, it is available at extra cost. Please let me know after purchase.

In terms of condition, the unit has been well looked after but does have some surface marks and wear, but remember that this model is from 1992, so you have to expect something. The sliders are very smooth in use and all the buttons/lights etc work. There is a slight crack to the plastic on slider 8 however this doesn’t prevent it’s operation, it’s merely cosmetic. You can see this in one of the pictures.” Click here to visit listing on eBay