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Yamaha SY77

“Yamaha sy77 SY-77 FM Synth Workstation – Vintage.

A great FM synth that sounds amazing.

It is in used condition with marks all around and some of the usual breaks to the casing at the back corners which is often seen on these.

There is some sticky residue on the back of the synth where someone has put tape on for some daft reason.

The print on the face is all still intact and clear.

The buttons mostly all work with the exception of one or two sticky buttons on the right hand section where you choose the patches but they still work with a few presses.

These buttons can be replaced quite cheaply, but as the board is deep in the synth it’s a bit of a long job to do, I have done this on another one I own and the actual soldering was easy enough as the circuit boards are old decent quality, but as the button mostly works anyway it would only be a job I’d personally do if I was replacing something else at the same time like the LCD panel.

I’m not sure if the floppy drive is still operational as I have no way of testing it. These can easily be replaced with a usb unit which offers a far superior experience. I have replace this in another one I own. These is info on Google, YouTube and eBay about this.

The keybed is all intact and nice and white, they quite often go yellow. I think there is maybe one sticky black key in the middle somewhere.

I’m not sure if the back up battery has been replaced but it still holds memory as it should.

The LCD screen backlight maybe gone as happens on these but you can still see what’s going on. These can be replaced with good modern led units or fixed using el panels, look of YouTube and eBay for info on this. I have done this with another one I own but it’s a bit of a long job as it is located deep within the synth under several circuit boards.” Click here to visit listing on eBay