# Yamaha SY77

SY77, Yamaha @ 14 September 2018

“Very good cosmetically overall – Can be used as it is but has some non-critical issues – the case bottom/end cap is missing a small section as shown in the last photo. LCD display backlight is out and there is small darkened spot in the LCD display. Battery needs replacement. Also, part of the assembly for the power cord is out of the back. No effect on function but it should be re positioned in the body.

I believe that due to the battery being dead, settings are lost when the synth is powered down. When its restarted, they have to be re-set as they default to some wacky values – for example, the master tuning defaults to +63. Also, I am not well versed in this synth, but I have to mess around pressing different buttons before it gets to the mode where it sounds. Once it sounds, it plays great, sounds amazing. Losing the settings should resolve with replacement of the battery. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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