Yamaha SY-2

“Here is a Yamaha SY-2 monophonic synthesizer from the late 1970’s made in Japan.

Yamaha was making high quality instruments during this period and the SY-2 is no exception. The default instrument pads are similar to the famous CS-80 but it’s the various controls and effects that make this synth truly unique. It is super fun to play and there are a wide variety of sounds you can achieve.

This keyboard is in good working condition, everything seems to be functioning correctly. However the previous owner’s home was dusty so the key contacts, pots and sliders could use a good cleaning. As you can see from the photos someone has written in marker on the keys. You might be able to remove the marks with some cleaning fluid. The case is in good condition and the original power cord and four chrome legs are included. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay