Yamaha SK30

“Must list this one as is, due to it sitting for decades not being used. it powers on, and all 4 of its voices play. some of the little square push buttons stick on occasion, all of the sliders and knobs work. it produces full out sound, and actually sounds great!! includes its pedal.some of the center section keys dont always play on certain voices, although repeatedly tapping the “split” button seems to bring them in. (i really think the buttons could use a cleaning)some VERY cool old school synth sounds can be created from this awesome unit! if you love buttons and sliders, this is the REAL DEAL. this unit uses a 2 prong plug in cord. i do not have the original, but have something that works in the meantime until you can get the correct one. (its a power cord with 2 spade connectors, which slip over the the power spades on the back of the unit.)will benefit from the normal cleaning, lubricating, and whatever other maintenance is necessary, on a vintage analog synth” Click here to visit listing on eBay