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Yamaha DX7 II FD

For sale is a Yamaha DX7iiFD FM Synthesizer. The DX7 uses FM or frequency modulation to synthesize sounds. It is very different from all other forms of synthesis. The characteristics from this type of synthesis are clear and bell like sounds. This unit is several decades old and needs the internal battery to be replaced. If you are handy with soldering, it is not very difficult to do yourself. For that reason, I am including the data rom cartridge, which contains all the original internal presets that came shipped with the DX7ii FD. This way, you can still use this without replacing the internal battery by pressing the cartridge button on the front panel. The floppy disk drive works perfectly. With the exception of a few buttons that may require several pushes occasionally, everything works perfectly. All 61 keys work perfectly. All jacks on the back panel (midi in, out, thru, foot pedals, audio) work perfectly, as well as the headphones and breath controller jacks on the front panel. Included also is the music holder, which easily slides into the back of the keyboard to hold your sheet music in place. As far as the cosmetic condition of this unit goes, the front, sides, and back are in immaculate condition. The bottom has marks from years of keyboard stand mounting. I attempted to touch up the scratch marks on the bottom panel, as you can see from the photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay