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Yamaha DX21

” Yamaha DX21 keyboard (Programmable FM synthesiser).

I’ve owned this keyboard for about 30 years but in reality haven’t really used it for the last 25! However, it’s been carefully stored and so is in great condition apart from a few minor scratches and 1 of the slider knobs is missing (as shown in photo – however slider still works fine). The only other known issue is that when it is first switched on, the lowest key occasionally needs to be pressed a couple of times to get it to respond before then working OK. All other keys are 100% reliable. I’ve also checked that I can change sound settings and then swiich off and later back on again without the settings being lost (i.e. an indicator that the internal battery is still OK?).

The keyboard also comes with the original music stand attachment and a basic floor stand (although the latter is not particularly stable – could use a few improvements!). In addition, there is a photocopied version of the owner’s manual.”
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