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Yamaha DX11

” YAMAHA DX 11 SYNTHESIZER Multitimbral FM Synth.

Although this is only a 4 operator fm synth the fact that it has multiple sound waves not just sine waves means that it can generate a really wide range of complex sounds. Unlike the tx81z module version the this has a quick edit function that has 4 macros that allow you to alter the sounds really easily. It can only go so deep but it gets you off to the races as you wrap your head a round fm synthesis. The unit’s in very good clean condition for the age and is working as it should.

Then thing i will say is that the bottom c key is a bit temperamental. the keyboard hasn’t been used for a while and the bottom c key probably hasn’t been used by me at all. I sprayed some electrical cleaner on it and it brought it back to life but whether ot not this is a permanent fix or not i can’t say so take it that the bottom c key is faulty all other keys are fine.

I don’t have the original packaging for this and i don’t want to frankenstein something together so its collection only from south east london.”
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