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Yamaha DX100

“This is probably the most difficult sale I have ever made, in fact I have wrestled with selling the DX over many years as it has sat sadly idle in a corner gathering dust. You see that is a crime in itself as the DX100 is aguably the best DX vintage synth in my humble opinion and I’ve owned a few (dx7, dx200, TG300, TX81Z, FS1r…I fecking love FM). The reason is simple, the DX100 is light and portable, it has only 4 operators which means has just enough complexity without getting overwhelmed in the FM labrynth. Unlike other, cleaner more modern FM synths, the DX has a lot of quirk, weird envelope hangs depending on how you clip the keys that you just dont get on other synths- its unique and with a bit of grit that you just dont get on modern synths.

I used it on a significant amount of tracks I released before 2005 such as this:

It has a user bank full of my favorite sounds I’ve designed (usually basses) as well a the stable of usual FM preset banks.

I am selling as not working although that is strictly not true…when you sequence over midi, the display seems to go blank although it still play sounds, notes also occasionally hang: this may be due to too much control data getting sent to the synth and it’s primative midi just having a seizure, it never used to be a problem when I just had an atari ST as my sequencer, I don’t know and I’m selling as seen so someone else can figure this out. The display is not back lit and thus very dark, but can still be read at the right angle.

As you can see its a bit beat up (or much loved) scratched plastic everywhere, the two data encoders got snapped off years ago in transit, but still work with a well applied fingertip. All the buttons work with a firm press. The battery cover is long lost. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay