Yamaha DX100

“What can I say? It’s a great machine, especially if you like that clean 80’s sound. It is super capable of whatever wacky modified FM synthesis sound you want if you modify the settings. That’s pretty involved, but I printed out the manual for you so have at it. It does not come with the power cable, you can get one online or use batteries – I used a universal adaptor and it worked fine.

It is in pretty nice shape. I wouldn’t put it in a museum, but maybe I would if it’s the last one. There are no deep scratches, just surface stuff and wear from normal use.

Did I mention that it’s designed to use with a strap? Fulfill your rock star dreams like never before! They conveniently put the modulation and pitch wheel so you can use them while tearing up all 49 keys, or even just a couple of well chosen keys specifically chosen for your application. It has MIDI stuff on it – I never tried it, I assume that it works. There are a lot of buttons. A whole lot of buttons. It’s capable of some serious geek rock, smooth jazz (especially with the breath adapter {which I don’t have included}), or something fresh and new, ready to connect deep with people’s souls. Or funk bass lines, I hear it is known for that.” Click here to search for synths on eBay