# Yamaha DX-7 with Grey Matter E! Upgrade

DX-7, Yamaha @ 13 August 2010

“We have owned several fantastic Yamaha DX7 synths through the years — It’s one of our favorite keyboards. If you’ve been living in a cave since 1983 and are not familiar with this iconic keyboard, see Dave Benson’s DX7 Page and the many other references available on the web.

This particular DX7 is by far the best we have ever owned for a number of reasons. The condition is stellar. It has been completely tested and is fully functional. As you can see from the pictures it is in exceptionally good condition for its age, very straight and incredibly clean. The keys, the membrane buttons, the sliders and wheels all work and look perfect. Inside, everything is spotless and completely functional. All inputs and outputs are tight and work with no issues. The battery has been replaced. It comes with an integrated extra-long power cord. We are throwing in a midi cable, and we will include a CD (see below for what’s included). There are a few scrapes, dings and patches of rubbed paint, but they are minor and mostly on the sides and bottom. On one side, there is a small piece of plastic missing.

The thing that makes this DX7 incredible is the version 2.1 Grey Matter Response E! Card with the optional memory expansion, allowing you to save an incredible 576 patches on-board — no cartridges or sysex transfers needed to get to all your favorite sounds. We’d heard of the E! card, but never realized that it added so much functionality. This is the last version of the E! Card that Grey Matter Response manufactured, and by far the best. E! v2.1 contains a ROM preset library of 256 voices, expanded memory with programmable function data, updated MIDI implementation, voice stacking, random detune, velocity processing, micro tuning & more…

This is what E! Card gives you:

Volume (DX7, MIDI)
Patch Maps
6 Velocity Curves (DX7, MIDI)
Velocity Limits (DX7, MIDI)
Velocity Shift (DX7, MIDI)
5 MIDI key assign modes
Random Detune
Timbre Shift
MIDI Transpose
Key Limits (DX7, MIDI)
MIDI out channel
MIDI in channel
MIDI auxilary channel

MIDI in parameters
– Bank Enable
– Module Enable
– Notes OFF
– Controller Merge
– Sequencer Merge
– Key Merge

MIDI out parameters
– DX/TX mode
– Aftertouch
– Key OFF
– Running Status
– Active Sensing

MIDI in patch mapping

MIDI in enables
– Sustain Pedal
– Aftertouch
– Mod Wheel
– Breath Control
– Foot Control
– Pitch Bend
– Program Change

MIDI out enables (same as MIDI in)

Local control enable
– Keys
– Sustain Pedal
– Aftertouch
– Mod Wheel
– Breath Control
– Foot Control
– Pitch Bend
– Program Change

Voice Enables
– MIDI Double
– DX Stack
– Out Data
– Out Channel
– Velocity Data
– Function Data

MIDI in velocity shift

Slider Reassign
– MIDI volume
– Bank Number
– Portamento Time
– Controller A or B
– Timbre
– Data Slider
– Foot Control
– Breath Control

Floating Split Interval

Pedal 2 Mode
– Portamento
– Control Mode
Controller Definitions

LED Brightness

Controller Remap — 576 internal patches

The included CD will include (but not be limited to):
DX7 Manual, DX7 Circuit Diagram
E! Card Manual
Librarian & other Software for the PC & Mac
Patches, patches & more patches
And a variety of other helpful stuff.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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