# Yamaha CX5M MK II

CX5M, Yamaha @ 22 June 2012

“Here is a rare Yamaha CX5m MK II music computer with full size keyboard.

This version of the CX5m contains the fm synth that allows midi to be received so you can connect this to your synths midi out or computers midi out and it will drive this synth(The first version of the cx5m and some CX5m II’s utlised a slighty different version of the fm synth and it did not have the midi in capability so it was a welcome update.Rest assured this CX5m II has the synth with the midi in capability.The CX5m MK II also has the better internal power supply so it just plugs into the wall without a bulky power supply of the mark 1 version.

The sounds you can get from this are really good and can be used from anything from Boards of Canada type weirdness and drones to tight house basses to Rhodes pianos, lovely evolving strings and digital textures.

Lots of the software associated with the cx5m comes on carts-This has two cartridge slots available.

This has lots of software already in ROM and a simple command brings up a graphical user interface to allow easy programming of the synthesiser.

If FM synthesis has ever scared you then just use a CX5m graphical user interface to program with ease. It is all graphical and layed out in front of you-Nothing could be simpler.

All in all it is a great bit of kit and they are getting more sought after, especially the MK II version.

This one is in great condition and works perfectly. The keyboard also has a nice action to it and connects via it’s own special lead(supplied) to a port on the side of the computer leaving the midi in and out free for other uses.

If you have always wanted a CX5m then this is the one to get-MKII version and is in like new condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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