# Yamaha CX5M

CX5M, Yamaha @ 01 June 2012

“Everything is here except a monitor (which did not come with original purchase anyway). Been stored in plastic in cool dry place since mid 80s when it was purchased new. As far as my knowledge of these instruments it’s working great. Took good care of it. Plugged it in after 20+ years and tried the voicing program (keyboard sounds) and all keys work and voices work. Bought it for help in programming a Yamaha DX7 but never used it for that. Used simply as a performing synthesizer. All manuals come with. So, what this auction includes:

1) Yamaha CX5M computer (located within the qwerty keyboard unit).

2) Yamaha YK-10 musical keyboard (plugs into the puter)

3) Yamaha RF-02 modulator (for plugging into monitor, *note* I did not use this and have not checked it.

4) Three (3) programs: voicing program (sounds), DX7 voicing program, composer program (never used).

5) All manuals (5)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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