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Yamaha CS5

“Purchased as a project a couple of years ago. It used to belong to an old chap who left it be for 20+ years in his storage. Finally, got around to finishing it this February, so it’s ready to go.

Work done:
– Bottom chassis had to be stripped to bear metal and then repainted due to corrosion
– The unit itself was completely disassembled. Every board and panel was checked and cleaned. All pots were also lubricated, so no noise or crackling present.
– Main chassis screws polished (shiny brass now)
– Envelope circuit rebuilt with NE5532 ICs
– Yamaha VCA chip (IG00151) replaced
– Trigger circuit rebuilt
– Both LEDs replaced – orange colour now
– The unit was tuned in line with Yamaha service manual, so it is currently in tune
Visual condition:
– Bottom chassis is in mint condition due to a fresh respray job
– Top side + panel has multiple marks, unfortunately. All markings/writings can be read without any issues, though. So, it doesn’t affect its control.”

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