# Yamaha CS30

CS-30, Yamaha @ 13 January 2017

cs30 “This is a 100 Volt unit. A 120V to 100V converter will be needed. They cost around $25 online. It has two oscillators with separate outputs, two voltage-controlled resonant filters, two voltage-controlled amplifiers and three envelopes. The fact it has 2 VFCs and 2 VCAs is rare for a monophonic synth. It also features a ring modulator, external audio triggering and a simple but useful 8-step sequencer for use as a sketch pad, pattern or arpeggio effect. You can play notes with a different tone while the sequencer plays which is very creative. The sequencer also has also outputs for triggering external gear, it uses the same Hz/Octave interface as Korg’s. Tons of modulation possibilities without patch cords!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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