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Yamaha CS01 Project Machine

” Yamaha CS01 vintage analog monophonic synthesizer. This synth is mostly broken, and is really suitable only for parts, or only if you really like the sound of an analog keyboard that’s on its last legs.

The good news is that there are no dead keys and the outputs work.

Here’s what’s broken that I’m able to identify:

• The internal speaker is not in great shape.

• There is a quiet (but noticeable), high-pitched tone at all times, modulating up and down in pitch, like a quiet siren.

• The white noise generator is broken in a way that affects overall operation. It doesn’t reliably produce white noise on its own. In addition, an amount of white noise comes and goes at random (and especially when adjusting the VCF EG slider), even while using other wave forms (triangle, pulse, and so on). The sound is akin to laptop speakers failing.

• The VCF EG slider doesn’t seem to apply any kind of envelope to the filter: just random white noise.

• The VCO Pitch slider I believe is broken.

Does not include power supply.”
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