# Wersi EX-20

EX-20, Wersi @ 31 August 2010

“You are bidding on a Wersi EX 20 MIDI Expander. This is a digital synthesizer capable of playing up to 20 polyphonic notes on eack key. Up to four different sounds can be played simultaneously. These sounds are based on a configuration of sound modules. Each voice is entirely independent from other voices and each voice has its own wave, pitch-envelope, amplitude envelope, routing, and volume. The EX 20 also features analog effects to produce fourier, waveform sample, and modular synthesis. The front panel features a set of 16 drawbar sliders for each synthesis mode. You can create your own custom waveform. A 61 note velocity & pressure keyboard can be split and provide up to four different timbres simultaneously per side. The EX 20 is the rack mount version of Wersi’s MK1 Keyboard Synthesizer. Both instruments can ‘see’ up to 16 midi channels for multi-timbral operation, and can transmit on up to 8 channels at one time. The back of the unit features the following connections:

* 1/4″ Headphone Jack
* (2) Two programmable footswitches
* Volume control connection
* MIDI in
* MIDI out
* MIDI thru
* Left/Right/Stereo 1/4″ output jacks

The EX 20 will expand your synthesizer, organ, or keyboard instrument and it’s capabilities into a new dimension of sound and features! With the EX 20 Expander, you have added virtually eight additional keyboards to your present instrument which can be controlled through MIDI from your present instrument, a sequencer, or a computer. This Expander is perfect for not only the keyboard player but also the Hammond, theater organ enthusiast, or the contemporary church organist. Not only does this unit have bank after bank of sounds, you can also create sounds with it using the drawbars.

I purchased this unit new and have hardly used it. To date, I still have not utilized all of the capabilities of the EX 20 Expander. I have used it connected to my Rodgers 820 church organ in my home that has MIDI and also a computer with MIDI. It has only the normal wear commensurate with its age. The unit comes with its power cord and a copy of two complete user guides to help you program and utilize all of its capabilities. I also have an additional ROM cartridge available that is being auctioned off separately. It will also work with other Wersi digital instruments and adds an additional 20 voices to the EX 20 Expander. The Wersi EX 20 MIDI Expander is a digital synthesizer/sound module with significant capabilities! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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