Waldorf Q

“This is an original yellow Waldorf Q rack. The finish is in fantastic shape, which is amazing when considering how poorly most of these Nextel painted units have held up. It still has all of the original knobs, which are showing no signs of deterioration. You’ll see in the left-most close up that two of the little caps on top of the knobs are missing. They were missing when I bought the unit, and I tried but could not find replacements. All encoders are clean and functioning properly. The unit also has the last operating system Waldorf released for the Q installed. This is a big win, since many of these early units could not be upgraded past the 2.13 release. OS 3.02 means you get a much improved effects section.
There’s a bit of rack rash that you can see around the screw holes in the close-up shots. Otherwise, she is simply gorgeous.”
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