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Waldorf Microwave XT Project Machine

“Selling my NON-working Waldorf XT. It lights up intermittently but does not sound. This is the model that is expandable to 30 voices per the photos of the inside board. It looks like someone plugged it in with the wrong power supply or something as seen by the photo near the input. From what I have read this seems fairly common and repairable but i make NO claims that it is, therefore selling for parts only. I do not have the knowledge or expertise to attempt repair. Sold AS-IS. Let me know if there is anything else you need. Selling it with the non-original power supply. Potentially the problem exists there as well. When I plug it into another correct amp power supply it lights up every time normally but the led characters do not show anything. Otherwise, there are some knobs that the top caps are missing and a minor bend near the lower left rack hole. “
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