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Waldorf Microwave XT

“Waldorf Microwave XT 10 Voice synthesizer with a PSU,
Absolute monster of a sound generator. Legendary sound engine capable of a huge range of sounds.
In used but good working condition.
Has 2 missing plastic knobs. The potentiometers still work fine, it’s just 2 of the plastic knobs have perished, this is common for this vintage of Waldorf synth and new knobs are available from Waldorf for about 2 euros each.
This is the mk1 version of the XT with the nextel finish. This finish is easy to scratch and mark. I have managed to keep it looking reasonably ok and have added a couple of pics of what the scratching looks like. It doesn’t affect the operation of the synth in any way it just picks up dirt very easily. The whitish hue on the synth is dust which has settled into the nextel coating. I have not attempted a thorough clean due to the potential to ruin the finish.
Think of it as a vintage patina.
No manual.”
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