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Waldorf Blofeld

“The Waldorf Blofeld synth module is a superb, contemporary, modern-sounding synth that has a unique style and sound all its own. Using wavetable synthesis it creates some wild, vivid, and modern sounds that can be used in many different genres. It’s a very easy-to-use synth using a matrix for programming that soon becomes second-nature to use.

Made from solid metal with an excellent backlit LCD screen, the Blofeld is sturdy and looks fantastic. This model has had one owner (myself), has never been gigged and has rarely been used. I’ve kept it in its box for years unopened, so it’s in impeccable condition. It has been updated with the addon waveforms from Waldorf.

For rich-sounding, intricate patches, the Blofeld can be edgy one moment and blissful the next. If you want something unique, easy-to-program and versatile, this is a fantastic opportunity to own something very special.

The item is boxed in its original packaging and comes with an instruction manual. ”
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