Waldorf Blofeld

“Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer – White (Used, under 4hrs use!) w/ dust cover. Condition is “Used”.

Bought this 2/1/2021. First unit had an issue, got it replaced by the original distributor. Used this unit (the new replacement) for about four hours. Works flawlessly. Alas, my sound design style and technical requirements and this unit’s specs are not really compatible with each other, and I’m just not gelling with the unit. I could tell this after 3.5-4hrs of use, and haven’t used it since. I’d rather it find a good home where it will be used regularly and enjoyed. It has been babied, and is in mint condition, with under 4hrs of use on it.

It’s been flashed to the latest 1.25 firmware. Does -not- have the extra SL license that Waldorf sells separately, as I didn’t use it enough to warrant purchasing that extra add-on. (The desktop model doesn’t come with that license.)

Includes the original power adapter from Waldorf. I do not have the foreign power adapters any longer, as I didn’t need them, nor did I keep the original box. Will package well for shpment via USPS Priority Mail.”
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