Sequential Circuits Prophet T8

prophet t8“Prophet T8 in excellent condition. Extremely clean and tidy looking unit, with all electronics working.

Although keyboard is absolutely joyous to play, I should make you aware of a broken return hammer (moved to top key) and perhaps 2 keys with imperfect aftertouch – only 1 being terribly obvious.

In real use, you’ll find the keyboard to be the best you’ve played. It’s facile like a good solo synth keyboard yet has eminently controllable velocity thanks to its weighted keys and aftertouch is actually very good in use (quite consistent across the keyboard).

Aesthetics also excellent (if not stunning!) – looks really clean and tidy throughout. Being critical, I’d draw your attention to:

a bit of ‘rash’ on top panel (see photo).

a crack/split in the wood like a splinter (about 4 cm long) on the under, but in, side of 1 end cheek – I’ve not had much luck photographing this (yet).

general wear on the wooden end cheeks, I guess

2 really small patches of bare metal on the corner of the pitch bend unit.”