Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Project Machine

” Sequential Circuits Prophet P2002 256Mb 1987

c/w original manual

This sturdy outboard to a Prophet 2000 can be driven from any external midi keyboard or DAW.

When working the sound quality is excellent even bearing in mind it is a 34 year old machine.


1. Hard drive error iF

2. No output

The floppy drive only developed the invalid format issue a few days ago. The discs still load fine on another Sequential machine. Possibly floppy drive simply needs an internal dust.

The P2002 was working fine until just recently when there was no longer audio output. It was reading the discs. The keyboard was triggering the samples and the arpeggiator was working, but silence. I’ve not the expertise to trace the fault but there is no obvious failure visible on the circuit boards. Hence spares and repair.” Click here to visit listing on eBay