Roland SH-101 Project Machine

“Sad to see this one go but I have used it less and less and times require me to sell this.

Needs some care and attention, this is reflected in the price.

Good over all condition some cosmetic marks /scratches on the plastic please see all pictures.

In need of a good clean / service. Have not had serviced since owned.

All keys work, all pots work well some sliders feel slightly stiff.

Headphone connection sometimes crackles when phones jack is moved but not in any way constant.

Filter frequency is the main issue is it crackles and seems to self modulate in and out when moved. Does correct itself when stationary but fluctuates. This could be sorted by a clean but may also need replacing, I can’t say for sure and am being as transparent as I can.

I don’t think the decay or sustain is working properly either.

Small chip in plastic by battery compartment (please see pictures)

Aside from the above everything else works as it should to the best of my knowledge. “ Click here to visit listing on eBay