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Georges Jenny Ondioline

“For sale is an incredibly rare vintage Georges Jenny Ondioline monophonic analog tube synthesizer keyboard. This model is believed to be from the 1950s and a unique transitional model due to cabinet design using real hardwood. This one has been completely restored with no attention to detail spared. Work included restoring and rebuilding the amplifier circuitry, keyboard, switches, and refinishing the wood cabinetry, with utmost attention to accuracy and playability. As expected for a vintage instrument of this age, there are still some signs of aging. This is likely to be the nicest Ondioline you will be able to purchase and find for sale. There is over 100+ tech hours involved in the restoration of this machine from two of the leading Ondioline specialists, primarily restored by Daniel Kitzig in Germany and assisted by Stephen Masucci in New York. This was restored in collaboration for Forgotten Futures, a non-profit set up by Wally De Backer a.k.a. Gotye, who is the leading authority on Ondiolines and passionate caretaker for preserving these beautiful instruments. You can read more about Ondioline history on Forgotten Futures Music.

This Ondioline is 100% fully functional and sounds fantastic. Ondioline’s are a very unique monophonic tube synthesizers capable of a huge range of expression due to the exponential volume lever to be operated by left knee in player’s sitting position, as well as large combination of tone controls through the sliders, the vibrato built into the keyboard (left/right movement) and the tap sensitive triggering ribbon. Add to the special expressive design the beautiful art-deco inspired wood cabinet housing and you have historic instrument that is as gorgeous in looks as it sounds.” Click here to visit listing on eBay