# Syntecno TeeBee MK1

Syntecno @ 19 March 2013

“Original user/owner. I purchased this NOS in box from an estate auctioneer last year. As you can see the face plates are still in excellent shape. I racked it a couple different places in the studio so it has a few scuffs on top panel from pulling in and out. This obviously won’t be visible once racked again.
The syntecno teebee is possibly the best sounding TB303 clone, as you’ll find if you do your research and also try stuff out.
It also adds midi parameter control for all your knobs, giving you full automation on all of your tb303 sounds. The knobs have an amazing feel.
Additionally, you get yourself 4 channels of midi to cv/gate conversion.
The only reason im selling is that I realized that the tb303 sound isn’t what I need for the time being. I’d rather use the sale to fuel another purchase.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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