Steiner Parker Synthacon

” The fine item you are considering is a Rare Vintage Modular Version Steiner Parker Synthacon Synthesizer. Yes, it’s the rare modular version of the Steiner Parker Synthacon, but there is no “Parker” listed on the unit, only the “Steiner” name. The unit looks to be in excellent, well cared for condition, with the only issue I see being that one knob is missing (the knob from the VC Filter section) but the pot and pot post is still there and in good shape- only the knob has fallen off. I opened the back of the unit, and everything inside looks to be visually in good shape as well. Unfortunately, I do not have a keyboard for the unit, and I have no way to actually test the unit, so I’m selling it “as is”, although I will guarantee it to be as I have described, in excellent cosmetic condition, and looking like it was extremely well cared for. Please see my photos to have a look at this nice item.”
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