Simmons SDSV Project Machine

sdsv “The three Toms on this were working about three years ago but at the moment I cannot get any output. I have tried to test this as much as l can but l do not have the right cables or drum pads but using Crocodile clips and a speaker driver for a pad I am getting the three sensing lights to flash on he three Tom inputs but not on the Bass and Snare. l last had the Toms working about two years ago an l will try again this week. I have had this about 12 years and I think either the Bass or Snare used to work but now l get no lights or any other activity from the Bass and the lights on the Snare come on but not the sensing light, so the Bass and the Snare will need some attention. The overall condition is well used, there are some broken pots missing caps and cap heads. Also most of the mini parameter screw heads are ok I used a plastic screwdriver to adjust these that l bought from Maplin.” Click here to visit listing on eBay