Siel MIDI Expander

“Up for sale is a 1984 Siel Expander analog synthesizer module, in rough but mostly working condition (details to follow). This is the module/tabletop version of the DK-600.

The machine was not working when I purchased it, so I replaced the fuse and fuse holder on the back of the unit. I also had to add a wire on CPU board to get the envelopes to fire, as one of the traces had been corroded by a prior battery leak. I also replaced the old RAM battery with 3x AA lithium batteries I mounted to the bottom of the unit on the inside.

It has played well over the past four years after I was able to get it working, but with the amount of old corrosion I found and had to clean on the CPU board, I cannot guarantee how long it will continue to work long-term and I will therefore list it as “for repair”. In addition, I never used the pedal, tape, or MIDI THRU ports, so I cannot attest to the functionality of those items. Please buy at your own risk!” Click here to visit listing on eBay