# Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 14 February 2019

“PHYSICAL CONDITION: Good – There is a 4″ strip of wood missing from the top part of the right side panel. There are light scratches and scuffs all along the sides of this synth. All the LEDs light up as they should. All the pots rotate nicely. The master volume pot/knob wiggles slightly from side to side compared to the other knobs. All the push button feel good and the I/O jacks on the back are solid. The keybed’s fast, light action feels great and the keys are level with each other. All the keys are fully intact with no major chips or cracks to speak of except for the Bb/A# key to the left of the middle C which has an extremely small blemish near the middle. The power cord is in great shape with no tears to speak of. Overall, this synthesizer is in good physical condition WORKING CONDITION: Excellent – Works like a champ! All keys, all control knobs, all buttons, all LEDs, both pitch and mod wheel as well as all I/O are working perfectly! Overall working condition is excellent” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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