# Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Sequential Circuits, Six-Trak @ 07 March 2019

“Amazing multi-timbal polyphonic analogue synth built in 1984 by Sequential Circuits, with MIDI, on board sequencer, arpeggiator and monophonic unison mode for nice thick sounds. If you’re looking at this listing you probably already know what it can do, but check out this post http://www.vintagesynth.com/sci/stk.php or have a look on YouTube for videos of it in action.

Bought it from my friend a few years back as it needed some TLC and he wasn’t using it, so took it to Synth Prof (synthprof.com) for a full MOT and UK mains conversion, which cost £225 around 2 years ago (if you need specific details of the work that was done I can email Andrew at Synth Prof for more info).

Some minor marks on the wooden end panels but nothing more than you would expect from a machine of this age. Otherwise has been looked after well and not used very often in a smoke free studio.”

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