Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

“I originally bought this to do a full restoration on, but other things have come up and I must pass this on to someone else

Here are a few things that need to be brought to attention:

The previous owner had used wire nuts to connect the power cord adapter. I would not recommend keeping it like this as you could pull the wires apart if you put enough stress on the cord! I am including a pair of power cord secure fastener pieces (see pic).

All the rubber key bushings had dry rotted and had to be removed. I actually could not find a source yet to replace them or come up with a better solution maybe. I have been plugging a midi controller in and playing the synth as a module. You can still play these keys, but they feel really bad without the bushings. Plus, you could scratch the keys on the bottom as they are coming into contact with metal.

I soldered in a CR type battery holder. I was able to load a sysex of the factory patches via midi and everything worked great!

The modulation wheel seems to not be working at the moment. While this synth sounds great I have noticed a strange sound introduced when you turn the track volume and speed volume knob.

I had to replace a knob and it sticks up a little higher, but works fine. The record LED had to be replaced and is a little brighter than the rest. It’s fine cuz it doesn’t stay lit long. You use it for control functions (see manual)

This little beast weighs about 16 lbs. I will pack and ship with the utmost care.” Click here to visit listing on eBay