Sequential Circuits Remote Prophet

“If you’ve found this auction, you’re likely aware of this keyboard. You also know how rare it is!

This is a Prophet-5 remote keyboard designed for hook-up to your Prophet-5. It is a “dumb” terminal – there are no patches stored in it. Please be aware that you must have a Prophet-5 in order for this keyboard to produce sound!

I hooked this up to my Prophet-5 (Rev 3.2) and here is what happened:

1. It works! The patch and bank select buttons illuminate and I could change sounds (sometimes the buttons required more than one punch, though.)

2. The pitch bend and mod wheels worked, but I couldn’t make the “aux” wheel work. I don’t know what it’s for, and I might have been doing it wrong.

3. I can play the sounds of my Prophet-5 and the remote at the same time. So, for whatever reason, the Prophet-5 doesn’t go silent when the remote is connected. Oh, what I could have done had I had four arms! 🙂

4. The Remote’s keys are very clicky-clacky. If you want to use this regularly, you’ll need to have the bushings (little rubber parts inside the keys) replaced. You might be able to do this yourself, and I think the parts are available at Wine Country Sequential. I tested every key and they all work, but some more reluctantly than others. Don’t be surprised if you hear “chattering” from some of the keys when you depress them.

It comes with the original umbilical cord, which is in good shape.” Click here to visit listing on eBay