# Sequential Circuits Prophet Rev 5

“For auction here is a vintage Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev2……..serial number 486. This a one owner P-5. I purchased this Prophet new, in 1978, and used it for approximately three years. It was then put into storage inside its Anvil case in my warehouse/rehearsal building. That building, which I have occupied for the past four decades was sold last summer, and I got notice I would have to move out. I got the Prophet out last fall, and it would not power up correctly. I shipped it to Wine Country Sequentials in early April. Wine Country has been servicing and modifying Sequential Circuits product since the early 1980’s, when the Sequential factory ceased operations. They are considered the Prophet 5 experts. I received delivery back from Wine Country last week, and this Prophet has been refurbished and serviced, and is now ready for a new owner.
The Rev2 Prophets were designed with the revered SSM chips, and are considered by most to be among the warmest, fattest sounding synths ever produced. The sound and flexibility of the Prophet 5’s are legendary. This one keeps with that tradition, and sounds incredible.
This Prophet is in excellent cosmetic condition. When I took it out of storage, I discovered that the guest keyboard player in our band had put tape with preset locations written on it, on six keys at our last gig, and the tape was not removed when the Prophet was put back in the case. When I removed the tape last fall it left some gray discoloration on those keys. It is not really that noticeable, and of course does not affect operation at all.
A viewer asked what the modification between the Master Tune and the volume pots is It’s a 1978 Sparkomatic LED dashboard clock that is held there with double sided sponge tape. I put it on when I bought the Prophet to keep an eye on the set times while playing gigs. Still works………..it will pull right off. Sorry,I did forget to mention it when I posted the unit.
The original Anvil flight case is included with the Prophet, and all new foam lining has just been installed in the case.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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