Sequential Circuits Prophet Remote

remote “Remote Keyboard by Sequential Circuits for use with Prophet 5 synthesizer. Not a whole lot of these around. This one has been modified… the original owner preferred full sized mod wheels instead of the original mini ones “on a stick” so made that replacement. Also a cool custom paint job as you can see in pics.

This worked perfectly when I got it with my Prophet 5 – after messing with it a little I put it away in studio storage closet so it has not been used in several years. I have no reason to think it has any issues but have no way to test it (sold the synth), therefore selling ‘as-is’. It’s possible the key contacts need cleaned as they tend to oxidize on Prophets when not used, not sure that’s even an issue though. Key action is great and all are level.

Comes with the original cable. The original owner installed an external ground to avoid the issues reputedly caused by the original design and thus never had any problem. Also has original box though that is showing it’s age. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay