Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

“Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer + Forge Anvil Case & Manual

Used item. It looks in good shape for its age. All keys work, and the sound output is clean and clear. It comes with vintage Forge Anvil hard case, generic power-cord, and copy instruction manual.

I only tested the basics; that is turn on, and test all keys for sound output. One of the round knob (wheel) sound effect (check pics) on the right does not make any effect when tuning it up or down. The other is fine.

This unit is too complex for me to program. Just tested the existing program, and the sound is very psychedelic / polyphonic weird sound. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE OR PROGRAM IT. And no time to go through all the manual for that I am not musician, and no technician, and no fan playing music instruments whatsoever. Just getting stuffs to sell as found.

It was tested with professional headphones myself and guitar amp from a musician, which I brought from . He said was working, but he did not go through the manual to test all details and functions. Just the basics as described above.

Cosmetically, it looks clean for its age. There is a crack on the woodside (check pics). The hard carrying case is very old, and shows signs of use and wear with some rust on the locks and metallic corners (I don’t’ have the keys). Inside the padding is gone, but some leftovers that has become sticky. The synth is clean overall, but will have some remains of those debris, which sometimes can feel sticky. At the bottom of synth, there are couple of sticker spots, which you can see from pics.” Click here to visit listing on eBay